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Retro-Fitted Automatic Core-Winding Machines

retro fit core winding machine from Tranco

At TRANCO, we understand that a new machine purchase is a budget consideration on which decisions aren’t made overnight. We also understand that, sometimes, the budget allocations don’t accommodate a new machine purchase. That’s why we developed our retro-fitting program: to enable companies to upgrade their existing machine components to late-model standards and achieve better performance results, without having to change machines.

Our experienced technicians will contact you to discuss your TRANCO core-winding machine and your production objectives, so that we can clearly assess your requirements. We will then make a recommendation as to the modifications that are required to bring your machine up to its optimal performance, based on today’s technology.

One such modification is the upgrade from CMOS technology to the new PLC platform, which we recommend for all older machines. The greater efficiency of the PLC platform means easier user training and operation, better output rates and greater overall results. In addition, costs are reduced on maintenance and repairs, as the decline in popularity of the aging CMOS technology has resulted in significant cost increases on parts. Plus, we’ll work with you to re-evaluate your production requirements and ensure that the retro-fitted machine is programmed to optimize your results.

When a new machine purchase isn’t possible, retro-fitting of your TRANCO core-winding machine is a solution that just makes good sense. And our combination of quality core-winding output and flexible solutions will keep the guy in the corner office happy!

To discuss retro-fitting options for your existing TRANCO core-winding machine, simply call us at 905.669.4840, or email


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