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Model SD 1036 Core-Winding Machine

The SD 1036 is the original model of TRANCO core-winding machines.  Its small footprint and flexible options make it an ideal solution for most core-winding applications.

SD 1036 Features

  • Maximum Winding Speed: 400 Feet (121.92m) per minute
  • Cut thickness: .007 to .014 inches (.1777mm – .356mm)
  • Cutting Width: 3 inches (76mm) up to 10.5 inches  (266mm)
  • Minimum I.D.: 5 inches (114mm)
  • Maximum O.D.: 36 inches (915mm)
  • Max Core weight: 850lbs (385kg)
  • Dimensions: 95” H, 108” W, 46” D


  • 1.5 to 3 inch Narrow Strip Width Adapter Pkg.
  • 3.5 inch I.D. (requires Narrow Strip Width Adapter Pkg.)
  • Manual safety door
  • Fully automatic safety door
  • Light curtain
  • Dual cut capability

The TRANCO Model SD 1036 is a heavy-duty transformer winding machine for transformer manufacturers with a minimum inside diameter of 4.5 inches (114mm) up to a maximum of 36 inches (915mm) outside diameter.

SD 1036 Complete Specifications

  • Two servo operation
  • Full PLC motion control system with the ability to add up to 2 more servo drives
  • Fused at 40 amps
  • Dual Safety Hand Pads (used to operate the machine in manual mode)
  • Memory for recipes (can be held in HMI or PLC motion control)
  • 10” Touchscreen HMI
  • Ethernet connectivity for online support
  • Individual IP address available
  • Distributed Gap Cores
  • Flare Core (Diverging)
  • Concentric Cores (Allen-Bradley ONLY)
  • Zig-Zag Cores
  • Flare Cores
  • Machine “STOP” set to either finished diameter, number of sheets or finished weight
  • Programmable overlap of the final cut
  • Programmable to finished angle (for Tig welding or strapping)
  • Sheets/Group can be set to any number
  • Sheets/Group automatic increase
  • HMI with continuous monitoring and display of BUILD, SPEED, CYCLE TIME, WEIGHT and number of SHEETS while the machine is in RUN mode
  • Additional displays are available at the customer’s request
  • Additional module space to allow for expandability of discrete I/O for future sensors & controls
  • Ability to interface with external safety devices
  • 400ft/minute speed capability (based on strip width and thickness)
  • Winding speed increase/decrease in increments of 5ft/per min.
  • Any number of books of Gaps can be increased in size to help with the forming process
  • Toroid wraps can be added at beginning of the cycle to help with the forming process
  • Wrap up turns (optional: additional Toroid wraps can be added to the finished Core)
  • Capable of dual strip widths (additional cost)
  • First gap sizing adjustment capability
  • Speed compensation (ability to maintain approximate gap position when winding speed is changed)
  • Gap Offset variable adjustment (allows the operator to adjust the spacing between gap start positions)
  • Gap Size variable adjustment (allows the operator to adjust the gap size as per Core specs)
  • Density Adjustment (operator can adjust Density setting for correct weight parameters)
  • Local language programmable on HMI (translation to be provided by customer)
  • Prewired for multiple safety inputs (Light curtains, safety mats Etc)
  • Prewired for Dereeler fault (If dereeler faults out, Tranco machine will stop simultaneously)
  • Ethernet connectivity for online support.
  • Access for diagnostics by way of an Ewon device.
  • Production reports are available through the Ewon device
  • Alarm emails available. (These can be sent to Supervisors or Maintenance)
  • Live screen viewing is available through the Ewon
  • Air Conditioned Console.
  • High-Speed Servo Shear (Steel engagement time, 10ms)

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