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Since inventing the ORIGINAL Automatic Core Winding machine in 1974 TRANCO has been serving the transformer industry, fostering a worldwide reputation for superior core winder product designs, core-winding expertise and excellent service. Historically, this type of transformer manufacturing has been a labour-intensive, manual process.  However, TRANCO has pioneered a proprietary continuous-feed process that simplifies and automates much of the manufacturing. TRANCO Production Machines are engineered and built in Canada, then shipped fully-assembled to your manufacturing facility, making installation simple*.  Our finely-engineered technology features.

  • Fast, continuous process (shear operates while winding)
  • Adjustable gap patterns (electronically controlled)
  • Quick set-up for core size and specification changeovers
  • Versatility to produce a wide range of core sizes

Each TRANCO core-winding machine comes equipped with an operator controlled touch screen HMI.

The TRANCO machine end-product is a distributed-gap wound core. The automation process is one in which a continuously-fed, grain-oriented electrical steel strip is automatically cut to exact lengths and wound before being formed, annealed, disassembled and finally rebuilt into a transformer with specific core characteristics.  The wound core becomes more efficient to produce than the “cut and stack” core.

Machine parameters can be easily set to your unique requirements and the adjustable settings ensure that a wide variety of consistent gap patterns can be achieved to meet your specifications, making production more flexible… and more effective.

Over the last four decades, TRANCO has developed unique technical, cost and functional innovations, such as improved through-put, electronically-controlled gap patterns, improved set-up speed and broader versatility, to address a wider scope of transformer types.

At TRANCO, we’re committed to innovation.  As well as being economic and reliable, our machines have many unique features, designed to facilitate user operation and optimize production flexibility.  Plus, each core winder machine’s PLC can be programmed to meet your unique requirements, ensuring a core-winding solution that fits.

NOTE:   *Compressed air supply and appropriate 3-phase electrical connection required for installation.

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