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A Brief History of TRANCO Core-Winding Machine

The TRANCO passion for core-winding machines innovation is an inherent part of our corporate culture… and we didn’t come by it accidentally! It’s the proud legacy of our founder: inventor and innovator, Alfred S. Cooper.

Mr. Cooper is the original designer and manufacturer of the TRANCO Core-Winding Machine, an innovation that radically transformed the core-winding manufacturing process. His first design was based on the premise that transformer manufacturing processes were labour intensive. Mr. Cooper’s innovative invention automated a process that was previously conducted by hand – with significant effort and at great expense.

Mr. Cooper’s foray into the manufacturing world began with a summer job at Moloney Electric Corporation, based in Toronto. So drawn was he to the business that, during the depression years, he continued to work without pay because he wanted to gain the experience. Under the Moloney umbrella Mr. Cooper achieved numerous designs and patents, over a number of years. In 1972, he left Moloney at the age of 62, and went into business with a partner, forming a company under the name NORMAC Co. His partner became discouraged with the challenges of a business start-up and the two parted ways. Undaunted, Mr. Cooper started TRANCO Production Machines Ltd., which became a Canadian-controlled private corporation in 1974.

Over the years, Mr. Cooper’s daughter, Margaret Schutte, showed great interest in the company, working on various aspects of the business during the summer months, just as her father had done years prior. In 1985, Margaret came to work alongside her father full-time, learning the ropes of the family business. With her growing knowledge of the organization, her natural penchant for operational streamlining and a strong business acumen, she soon became Mr. Cooper’s “right hand” and confidante.

Today, Margaret is at the helm of TRANCO, guiding the company through ongoing growth and international expansion… putting TRANCO and its core-winding machines at the core of transformer manufacturing, worldwide.

Our founder: inventor and innovator, Alfred S. Cooper.
Our founder: inventor and innovator, Alfred S. Cooper.
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