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Re-Furbished Automatic Core-Winding Machines

From time to time, we are able to purchase used TRANCO machines and bring them back to our plant in Aurora, where they are tested and evaluated by our experienced technicians. We then dismantle them and inspect all the components, identifying the parts that require replacement. The machines are re-built to current specifications, re-optimizing their performance.

The retrofitting process can vary, depending on the age of the existing machine, and how heavily it has been used, but an end result is a machine that looks and operates like a brand new one. This means that companies whose budget doesn’t accommodate a new machine purchase can still enjoy the quality and speed of a TRANCO core-winding machine.

For information on re-furbished automatic winding machine availability and timing, simply call us at 905.669.4840, or email

  1. TRANCO Machine is stripped of all parts and cleaned of all dirt, grease and grime.
  2. TRANCO Machine column, base and panels are then meticulously analyzed for any form of damage or excessive wear.
  3. Once the column, base and panels have been cleared, it is then sandblasted and powder coated in the colour that the customer requests.
  4. Each part from the TRANCO machine is then cleaned, analyzed and measured for damage, wear, and inaccuracies.
  5. The parts list is developed with three categories. (1 usable. 2 Still usable but life span is short. 3 Requires replacement. (List is given to Customer for approval)
  6. The TRANCO machine is then rebuilt with new and/or refurbished parts along with PLC and servo shear upgrades.
  7. The final product is a machine that looks and performs like new or better if the machine received upgrades.

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