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Model SD 1036 Core-Winding Machine

The SD 1036 is the original model of TRANCO core-winding machines.  Its small footprint and flexible options make it an ideal solution for most core-winding applications. SD 1036 Features Maximum Winding Speed: 400 Feet (121.92m) per minute Cut thickness: .007 to .014 inches (.1777mm – .356mm) Cutting Width: 3 inches (76mm) up to 10.5 inches  […]

Model SDH 1452 Core-Winding Machine

Our newest model, the SDH 1452, is capable of producing a much larger core without compromising on quality, speed or reliability.  This makes it the core-winding solution of choice for applications requiring a large-size finished core. SDH 1452 Features Maximum Winding Speed: 300 Feet (91.44m) per minute Cut thickness: .007 to .014 (.1777mm – .356mm) […]