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Core-Winding Machine Comparison Chart

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FeaturesSD 1036SDH 1452
Maximum Winding Speed: 400 Feet (121.92m) per minute 
Maximum Winding Speed: 300 Feet (91.44m) per minute 
Cut thickness: .007 to .014 inches (.1777mm – .356mm)
Cutting Width: 3 inches (76mm) up to 10.5 inches (266mm) 
Cutting Width: 4 inches (101mm) up to 14 inches (355.6mm) 
Minimum I.D.: 4.5 inches (114mm) 
Minimum I.D.: 6.5 inches (165.1mm) 
Maximum O.D.: 36 inches (915mm) 
Maximum O.D.: 52 inches ( 
Max Core weight: 850lbs (385kg) 
Max Core weight: 1300lbs (589kg) 
Dimensions: 95” H; 108” W; 46” D 
Dimensions: 84” H; 156” W; 78” D 
Two servo operation
Two Gearboxes
Full PLC motion control system with ability to add up to 2 more servo drives
Fused at 40 amps
Dual Safety Hand Pads (used to operate machine in manual mode) 
Memory for recipes (can be held in HMI or PLC motion control)
10” Touchscreen HMI
Ethernet connectivity for online support
Individual IP address available
Distributed Gap Cores
Toroid Cores (no cuts)
Concentric Cores
Zig-Zag Cores (no cuts)
Flare Cores
Machine “STOP” set to either finished diameter, number of sheets or finished weight
Programmable overlap of final cut
Programmable to finished angle (for Tig welding or strapping)
Sheets/Group can be set to any number
Sheets/Group automatic increase
HMI with continuous monitoring and display of BUILD, SPEED, CYCLE TIME, WEIGHT and number of SHEETS while machine is in RUN mode
Additional displays available at customer’s request
Additional module space to allow for expandability of discrete I/O for future sensors & controls
Ability to interface with external safety devices
Winding speed increase/decrease in increments of 5ft/per min.
Any number of books of Gaps can be increased in size to help with forming process
Toroid wraps can be added at beginning of cycle to help with forming process
Wrap up turns (optional: additional Toroid wraps can be added to the finished Core)
Capable of dual strip widths (additional cost)
First gap sizing adjustment capability
Speed compensation (ability to maintain approximate gap position when winding speed is changed)
Gap Offset variable adjustment (allows operator to adjust spacing between gap start positions)
Gap Size variable adjustment (allows operator to adjust the gap size as per Core specs)
Density Adjustment (operator can adjust Density setting for correct weight parameters)
Local language programmable on HMI (translation to be provided by customer)
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