Model SDH 1452 Core-Winding Machine

Our newest model, the SDH 1452, is capable of producing a much larger core without compromising on quality, speed or reliability.  This makes it the core-winding solution of choice for applications requiring a large-size finished core. SDH 1452 Features Maximum Winding Speed: 300 Feet (91.44m) per minute Cut thickness: .007 to .014 (.1777mm – .356mm) [...]

Model SD 1036 Core-Winding Machine

The SD 1036 is the original model of TRANCO core-winding machines.  Its small footprint and flexible options make it an ideal solution for most core-winding applications. SD 1036 Features Maximum Winding Speed: 400 Feet (121.92m) per minute Cut thickness: .007 to .014 inches (.1777mm – .356mm) Cutting Width: 3 inches (76mm) up to 10.5 inches  [...]

Retro-Fitted Automatic Core-Winding Machines


At TRANCO, we understand that a new machine purchase is a budget consideration on which decisions aren’t made overnight. We also understand that, sometimes, the budget allocations don’t accommodate a new machine purchase. That’s why we developed our retro-fitting program: to enable companies to upgrade their existing machine components to late-model standards and achieve better [...]

Re-Furbished Automatic Core-Winding Machines


From time to time, we are able to purchase used TRANCO machines and bring them back to our plant in Aurora, where they are tested and evaluated by our experienced technicians. We then dismantle them and inspect all the components, identifying the parts that require replacement. The machines are re-built to current specifications, re-optimizing their [...]



TRANCO Production Machines’ parts are all made from original drawings, no substitutions. When you order core winding machine replacement parts from TRANCO, you know that you’re getting top quality parts made to our specifications. We demand the best quality, all the way, and we won’t accept anything less… so you don’t have to. Our most [...]